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It’s July, The day is hot and the sun is shining! As I sit here by my window I see the beach slowly get crowded with men and women, young and old, mostly simply sunbathing but not all. Some are strolling along the shore, occasionally interrupted by others playing ball and paddle games and those who cross in front of them on their way to the refreshing sea. Rocked by timid, mild waves beyond the line of swimmers, young boys and girls enrolled in summer courses are surfing, or trying to, while ecstatic children on semi-dry land, free as cubs, play with water and sand filling the air with their squeals of delight. As a grown-up supposedly in her right mind I can’t very well join them in sound, so I do it in spirit! I’m on holiday after a busy yet fruitful year and I feel as happy as a lark!

What an enormous success this past school year has been for this English Learning Lounge, as I like to define Bee My Guest, the most diverse, flexible and original school in San Sebastian, even if I say so myself. And as I think of definitions I realise that beyond creating a cosy space for adults to improve their English by using it, my initial ideas and objectives are all materialising as they evolve and become more defined.

You see, I wanted BMG to be a sort of club where people with different ‘levels’ and personalities but with the same open attitude towards their learning would become friends on a common quest: to make English a part of their weekly life. Also, after having worked for so many years in crowded classrooms in Lacunza, I was really looking forward to dealing with students on a very individual basis, something I am able to achieve thanks to our timetabling flexibility and committed adaptability to personal circumstances.

But maybe what has made me happiest is the very good reception my methodology has had among those who have regularly attended my classes. They have been designed to be the perfect complement to the Group Activities we organise as well to the Individual Time and Attention each Guest receives. On the other hand, interesting practice of the content learnt is guaranteed through our suggested activities, demonstrated beforehand so you can make the most of your time with us, whatever you choose to do.

And let me say that the best evidence that my system works, since it’s quantifiable, is that practically all those who have prepared an exam with me have succeeded in their goals. High IELTS scores and good passes in Cambridge and EOI exams back up my satisfaction in this area and encourage me to continue to propose my programme to those who are determined to do well with their results.

So if this description has tickled your fancy or at least made you a bit curious, come and visit us in September and check out the possibilities for yourself. The first day is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose… but if you like it you’ll have a lot to gain. A sort of secret Aladdin’s cave where all your dreams with English can come true. Come and say your wish and to grant it I’ll do my best. I’ll be your teacher, guide, and hostess, and you, you will Bee My Guest.

See you after the summer!

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