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A new era has to begin! Love over fear.

Once again humanity is faced with the opportunity to choose which of these two emotions intrinsic to our nature will be the driving force of our near future; and this time we might not survive to tell the tale. In 1925 all the leaders of the so-called civilized world...

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BRILLIANCE HAS NO AGE In my job as a teacher of adults I often hear them say that, with age, they find it harder and harder to remember things, and envy this capacity in children and young people. However, evidence shows that some of the...

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Bern it up

Bernieorbust. Feelthebern. Alwaysbernie. These are some of the hashtags floating around in the social media of the increasing number of people that are being convinced by Bernie Sanders' ideas of the fact that a better future is possible. And when you read about their...

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Prince, Amy … and Shakespeare?

It's a sad day indeed. Today Prince won't wake up to see the sun, to hear the music in his soul, which he so generously shared with us all these years. I had the privilege to see him live, twice!!! and, contrary to what I had half expected the first time, far from...

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