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Cinema for all As different individuals we all have our preferences when it comes to spending our leisure time. Some follow active pursuits while others favour hobbies that require quiet concentration; some like to go out and party...

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First visit free! – ¡Primera visita gratis!

(Abajo en Castellano)

Great news!

BMG is opening its doors for the new academic year on Aug 1st. During the first week there will be group sessions at 12 noon and at 6 pm to explain about our methodology and all the things you can do at Bee My Guest.

But if you can’t make it at these times, don’t worry. Just drop by and together we’ll try to find out how we can help you with your English. Remember, we’re open from 11 am to 8 pm non-stop.

And if you have an exam to prepare, you’ve found the right place to practise and learn, not just vocabulary and structure, but how to deal with each type of question in your specific test.

So, why not come and meet us here at 18 Escolta Real? The first visit is free!

¡Buenas noticias!

BMG abre sus puertas para el nuevo curso el día 1 de agosto. Durante la primera semana habrá sesiones de grupo a las 12 del mediodía y a las 6 de la tarde para explicar nuestra metodología y todas las actividades que se pueden hacer en Bee My Guest.

Pero si no puedes venir a esas horas no pasa nada. Déjate caer cuando te venga bien y juntos trataremos de descubrir la mejor manera de ayudarte con tu inglés. Recuerda: abrimos de 11 de la mañana a 8 de la tarde ininterrumpidamente.

Y si tienes que preparar un examen, has dado con el sitio adecuado para practicar y aprender, no solo estructura y vocabulario, sino cómo enfocar cada tipo de pregunta de tu examen específico.

Así que, ¿por qué no te pasas a conocernos aquí, en Escolta Real 18? ¡La primera visita es gratis!

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A new era has to begin! Love over fear.

Once again humanity is faced with the opportunity to choose which of these two emotions intrinsic to our nature will be the driving force of our near future; and this time we might not survive to tell the tale. In 1925 all the leaders of the so-called civilized world...

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BRILLIANCE HAS NO AGE In my job as a teacher of adults I often hear them say that, with age, they find it harder and harder to remember things, and envy this capacity in children and young people. However, evidence shows that some of the...

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