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Bee My Guest no es un centro académico convencional, puesto que utilizamos una metodología para personas adultas de cualquier nivel basada en principios de comodidad, libertad y disfrute, que dista mucho de lo que se puede encontrar hoy en día en nuestra ciudad.  ...

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Summer time… and the livin’ is easy

It’s July, The day is hot and the sun is shining! As I sit here by my window I see the beach slowly get crowded with men and women, young and old, mostly simply sunbathing but not all. Some are strolling along the shore, occasionally interrupted by others...

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And a Happy New Year! (See You on Jan 9)

Hi everyone, on the last day of yet another year, gone by so quickly I do not know how long it will take me to get used to saying 2017when giving a current date, without thinking twice. I will not attempt to pass judgement on it, and even less to try to summarise the...

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Christmas, Dickens and Disney. What a combination!

When I decided to play a Christmas movie this Friday; that is, tomorrow, and started surfing the net for one, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t soppy or childish like so many of them are. Surprisingly, out of a myriad of choices, it is Disney’s version of...

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Cinema for all

As different individuals we all have our preferences when it comes to spending our leisure time. Some follow active pursuits while others favour hobbies that require quiet concentration; some like to go out and party while others enjoy giving time to themselves or to...

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