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Well, the Easter holidays are over, which means the third term at BMG is about to start. And because it is first and foremost a place of friendship where we use English to communicate, we’ll tell each other about our activities, trips and relaxing times over the last couple of weeks and we’ll chat about our summer plans. Reading, watching, playing… our guests will do that too. But for many, the focus will be on the upcoming exams looming ahead with a stronger feeling of urgency than ever. One and a half months to go, two at the most, and for some it could be a time of great disappointment if they don’t get a pass. Not for those who visit us regularly though, for by doing so they’ve made sure they’ve got the best chance of success. 

Why do I say this with such confidence? Well, they will receive individual and collective attention dealing with exam question formats and with tips and specific techniques for the best ways to approach them, as they have throughout the year. They will particularly have the opportunity to develop and improve on their writing skills and especially on their speaking abilities, since our method, which includes pronunciation and organisation of ideas for both oral and written communication, has proven to be very effective when it comes to these exam papers, whether for the Cambridge exams or the EOI ones. Our original and no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point explanations and practice of grammar will round off the perfect training for the trial ahead.

So if you’re feeling nervous and afraid your year-long efforts won’t come to the satisfactory end you’ve been working for, why not drop by and join our exam teams? By paying the termly fee you can also spend as long as you want with us, 5 days a week, doing whatever you think you need in order to stand the best chance, knowing you can always count on our guidance and advice. Of course, we can’t give you an absolute guarantee, but we do feel you won’t find more dedicated support nor a teaching place where the final sprint will take you so far. Are you ready to pass?



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